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Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1986 MERCEDES-BENZ 420SEL 27961815 1986 MERCEDES-BENZ 420SEL TN - MEMPHIS 07/30/2015 MS CT
170165 E Normal wear $0  
1994 FONT COMBO 26930265 1994 FONT COMBO TX - NEW BRAUNFELS 07/30/2015 LA CT 0 E All Over $1,700  
1997 GMC SAFARI 27867375 1997 GMC SAFARI NY - MARLBORO 07/30/2015 NY CT
0 E Undercarriage $0  
1999 LEXUS RX 300 27689025 1999 LEXUS RX 300 NY - MARLBORO 07/30/2015 NY CT
197999 A Mechanical $0  
2004 PONTIAC GTO 27675445 2004 PONTIAC GTO NY - MARLBORO 07/30/2015 NY CT
136428 A Mechanical $175  
2014 TOYOTA CAMRY L/SE 27595905 2014 TOYOTA CAMRY L/SE TX - SAN ANTONIO 07/30/2015 TX CT
0 N Front end $5,100  
2006 GMC YUKON DENA 27933725 2006 GMC YUKON DENA LA - SHREVEPORT 07/30/2015 LA CT
185759 A Normal wear $1,350  
2008 OTHE TRAILER 27568195 2008 OTHE TRAILER TX - SAN ANTONIO 07/30/2015 TX CT 0 N $1,250  
1994 OLDSMOBILE 88 ROYALE 28004965 1994 OLDSMOBILE 88 ROYALE NV - RENO 07/30/2015 CA CT
131170 E Mechanical $0  
1995 HONDA PASSPORT E 27417295 1995 HONDA PASSPORT E NV - RENO 07/30/2015 CA CT
184683 E Mechanical $0  

Welcome to SalvageReseller.com, the most convenient place on the web to purchase used vehicles from a Copart Registered Broker.

If you're looking to find great deals on salvage cars for sale, you've come to the right place: Our website allows you to become a direct participant in a Copart auction and bid on cheap cars from the comfort of your own home or office! Whether you're seeking repairable wrecked cars for sale, motorcycles, trucks, or SUVs, SalvageReseller.com will help you find the vehicle you're looking for. Salvage cars are our passion and specialty!

Have you ever wanted to access a salvage auction but couldn't because you didn't have a dealer's license to buy? It's true that in the past the general public could not participate in a Copart auto auction. These exclusive car auctions were relegated to licensed dealers and dismantlers. However, SalvageReseller.com has been created to allow everyone to participate. Once you've signed up for a membership, you're all set to buy salvage cars for auction. It's that simple.

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Get started with car auctions by using our Quick Search feature to locate the specific types of cars for sale that you seek. You can filter salvage cars by Location, Model, Make, Year, etc. If you need any assistance with buying vehicles, our highly knowledgeable staff will be happy to assist you.

Once you've found used cars for sale that interest you, we recommend that you visit the facility to view the car in person. You can then register with us and proceed to participate in any Copart auction and bid on vehicles today by logging onto the Copart Auto Auction website. Upon your purchase, cars for auction can then be picked up directly at the facility.

SalvageReseller.com is your destination to buy salvage cars for sale. Locate cheap cars in your area today and bid with confidence.