Copart Rebuild Challenge

In the past month, Copart launched its first ever “Rebuild Challenge” contest. Copart members only could submit an original video that ran for less than three minutes. The video entry showed the fixing, rebuilding or customizing of a vehicle. Each participant’s completed project was then showcased on Copart’s website where others voted for their favorite. An expert panel of judges would also weigh-in on the decision. The three finalists with the most votes by the contest’s end were declared the winners of the $10,000 Grand Prize. Congratulations to Redsawh Harley, the WRX project, and Z Dream. Very impressive rebuilds! Only true dedication and time could transform these project vehicles to dream rides. Continue reading

Summer Classic Cars

Summer Classic CarsInstead of driving your modern vehicle this summer, you could opt for the classic car. There are many vehicle models that were released in the twentieth century yet not all of them qualify as true classics. According to the Classic Car Club of America, a classic car is any distinctive American-made or foreign-made automobile released between 1925 and 1948.  Even so the classic car era is considered to consist of autos that were produced from 1930s to 1970s. There are even some auto shows with cars from 1973 or later that are labeled modern collectibles or exotics. Continue reading

Road Trip Games

road trip gamesThe long stretch of road can begin to seem endless in what is supposed to be an adventurous experience, a summer road trip. Especially for little ones, whose attention span seemingly gets shorter and shorter over each generation. After the umpteenth “Are we there yet?” you begin to consider ways to refocus their attention so the trip can be more enjoyable. While a portable DVD player might seem like the perfect solution, it overall diminishes the bonding that occurs in the family experience of a summer road trip. That’s why we suggest road trip games that everyone can be a part of!  Keep your road trip buddies engaged and make the experience worth remembering! Continue reading

Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

The days of hunting down the perfect salvaged car or parts are over and it is time to cash in on your investment. With a little elbow grease, your car will attract eyes and repel dirt the way it was meant to. The following are a few things to be conscious of when detailing your salvaged vehicle. detailing your car Trim Before Anything Else After a meticulous wash, the trim is should be your main concern. A trim protectant will safeguard delicate areas from products used on the paint surface. There is no need to accidentally alter the tone of your car with carelessness. Some people go as far as using masking tape avoid mistakes. Continue reading