Detailing Your Car Like a Pro

The days of hunting down the perfect salvaged car or parts are over and it is time to cash in on your investment. With a little elbow grease, your car will attract eyes and repel dirt the way it was meant to. The following are a few things to be conscious of when detailing your salvaged vehicle. detailing your car Trim Before Anything Else After a meticulous wash, the trim is should be your main concern. A trim protectant will safeguard delicate areas from products used on the paint surface. There is no need to accidentally alter the tone of your car with carelessness. Some people go as far as using masking tape avoid mistakes. Continue reading

Options for Regularly Scheduled Waxing No Matter What the Budget

regularly scheduled waxingThe time and effort you invested in hunting down the most profitable salvage car is reason enough to wax it. The other factor is the visual appeal. Few things heighten the pleasure of a job well done than the sun bringing forth all the potential luster that your reclaimed vehicle now has. That is why regularly scheduled waxing is a priority no matter what budget you operate on. Continue reading

History of Copart

Copart Copart was founded in 1982 by Willis J. Johnson, who now takes the title of CEO. Johnson learned everything he needed to know about business from his father, who took part in all sorts of businesses, ranging from dairy farms to restaurants to houses. In 1994, Johnson took the company public with NASDAQ in order to raise enough money to expand Copart around the country.  Continue reading

Winter Camping Trip

imagesIf you are a huge fan of the outdoors, your desire to travel doesn’t just disappear during the winter months. Whether it is for work or for pleasure, you are going to be spending some time camping in a trailer or other vehicle. Obviously, hypothermia is a big concern that can be easily prevented. Comfort is a priority too. To ensure that you stay safe and comfortable in your winter camping trip, always bring these: Continue reading

Best Truck For A Plow

The GM full size pickups may very well be the best truck to use for snowplow duty. You can hook up a snowplow blade to just about anything that has a powerful front end. There are also many significant details to consider when selecting the correct snow plow blade as well as the correct vehicle for your plow. best truck for a plow

The torsion bar independent front suspension is a major differentiator for plow operators. The front axle and coil springs need to be strong enough as well. A specifically designed option plow prep is available on all four wheel drive GM HDs. This also includes a 10 amp power for backup and roof emergency lights. There is also a heavy duty 160 amp alternator, forward wiring harness, high flow front bumper, skid plate, trailer brake wiring harness, and a high capacity air cleaner along with an auxiliary transmission oil cooler. This is all covered under GMC’s standard warranty, and is one of the things that makes it the best truck for a plow.
The torsion bars can be adjusted with a single wrench. This provides the proper ride height and wheel alignment when the weight of the plow is added to the front of the vehicle. The weight can be 1,000 pounds or more. A prep package for the Ford Super Duty offers heavy duty springs and an upgraded alternator. It also offers a live front axle on 4×4 models as well. The Ram’s package comes equipped with skid plates and a 180 amp alternator. It also comes with a solid axle
If you do not need a one ton truck or a three quarter ton truck, GM offers the best truck for a plow prep package available for light duty pickups. Each of the half ton truck makers does offer less plow specific packages. These packages offer some upgraded protections that would work well under high stress conditions as well.

Winter Boat Maintenance

Protecting your boat from winter weather is a vital part of winter boat maintenance. The most important thing to remember is to winterize the drive system. Other parts are important, but the drive system should be cared for the most. Make sure to complete the following tasks to ensure a healthy winter for your boat’s drive system.  Continue reading