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Salvage Cars May Be The Cheapest Used Cars

cheapest used cars

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When people are looking for the cheapest used cars there may be a category they are overlooking. What is even cheaper than a used car? A salvage car. If you have ever seen salvage cars for sale you may have wondered what the “salvage” title means. 

A salvage title means that at some point the vehicle was considered to be a “total loss”. That means that an insurance company determined that the cost to repair an issue with the car outweighed the overall value of the car.

When that happens insurance companies usually take possession of these vehicles. They then partner with companies like Copart to sell these cars via auction. Copart has one of the largest inventories of salvage vehicles in the world and you can browse through them and even bid on them online. Copart salvage cars are available in all makes and models. 

Difference Between the Cheapest Used Cars and Salvage Cars

Both of these cars are used, the key difference is that the salvage cars have suffered some sort of documented damage. You may be asking: why would I want to buy a damaged vehicle? Well, some salvage title vehicles have issues that are easy to fix. In some cases, the damage may not be easy to fix, but it could be a problem that a mechanic could fix for a low cost.

Of course, some salvage cars are more damaged than others. The key when thinking about buying salvage cars is fully understanding the issues that caused the salvage title in the first place.

An informed buyer could find a salvage car for sale with an easy to fix problem and end up spending less than the same car that was “used”.

Instead Of Cheap Used Cars Near Me Try Looking for Salvage Cars For Sale Near Me

It doesn’t cost anything to look. You should check out some repairable cars for sale and you may be surprised. If you are shopping for cheap used cars for sale online definitely consider looking into salvage cars. There are many reasons why you should buy from a salvage car auction. Try it if you are looking to save money on your next automobile purchase. I do not recommend buying a salvage car without first doing your research on the vehicle. Check it out online, look at it in person, make sure you know all of its issues before you buy. But with an informed purchase, you will be glad you bought a salvage car.

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