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Copart Helps Shift More Consumers to the Web for Used Car Auctions

car auctionsSalvageReseller.com, a Copart Registered Broker, is at the forefront of a great shift now revolutionizing the way car auctions operate. Growing masses of shrewd car-buyers now beat the heat and stay away from long lines by bidding on salvaged vehicles right from the comfort of their easy chairs — or iPhones!



Buying used or salvaged vehicles used to mean checking local papers or trade publications for locations and dates. Then the buyer would show up to car auctions flanked by a couple hundred more like him at each stop, limited to whatever vehicles it was decided would be offered for that day. No one knew exactly what they were getting before they arrived. Now using a comprehensive online system, car auctions are easier than ever before. Instead of having to visit auction sites, buyers can now partner with SalvageReseller.com, receiving a password and bidding number. Heading over to Copart.com reveals every car available at action, from cars with a clean title in daily driver condition to salvage title cars that will need likely just a bit of work to get back on the road. Buying cars at Copart car auctions can save thousands, with later-model cars requiring only simple repairs sometimes selling for as little as just a few hundred dollars. Many auctions offer “Buy it Now” where competition and bidding wars can be eliminated by agreeing to the low set price. Inspection and transportation services add further value to the SalvageReseller.com membership package. Start saving money today, easier than ever online!

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We have put together an extensive video tutorial library to help our customers understand the entire process of buying a vehicle from Copart through our website.