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Finding the Perfect Car for Your College Student

your college student If you have a kid going off to college and are looking for a reasonably-priced vehicle, you are in the right place! Salvage vehicles are the perfect cars for people on a budget, or as we like to call them, college students. In fact, in many cases, you can find like-new cars priced as much as a third to half off their original prices.

Do These Cars Run?

Of course, your main concern with purchasing a salvage vehicle is probably whether or not it will be in driving condition. While there are some salvage cars that will need some work, there are even more that run great. In fact, many salvage vehicles are in perfect running-condition and have only a few dents and/or scratches, called “clean title” cars. Additionally, if you find a car that you may be interested in buying, you can request background information pertaining to the vehicle in question which we encourage for the safety of your college student. In this way, you can find out anything you may wish to know about the car including whether or not it needs any kind of repairs.

Wide Selection

It is a simple fact that most young people today do not want to be seen driving older, modest-looking vehicles. They would much rather be driving nice sports cars such as Mustangs, Corvettes, Scions and Challengers. Unfortunately, new and even used sports cars can be quite expensive. Money is not a concern though, when you shop for a car on a salvage auction site. Even fancy sports cars are available to you at shockingly low prices. So, feel free to buy the car of your kid’s dreams. Your college student will love you for it and you will not break your budget.

Knowledge Center

We have put together an extensive video tutorial library to help our customers understand the entire process of buying a vehicle from Copart through our website.