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Buying Salvage Cars for Parts Cheaper Than Going to the Parts Store?

parts storeIf you have an older car that you no longer carry comprehensive and collision insurance on, you know getting into an accident can be costly. Even a small fender bender can break a taillight or headlight that if purchased from the dealership or parts store, can be very expensive. Everyone has seen that person driving down the road with red tape replacing the lens on a taillight, all because the tape was much less expensive than replacing the taillight. Most people never consider buying a whole car when they only need a part, but in some cases, you can save a lot of money, and even make money purchasing a whole car from a salvage auction to get the parts you need.



Keep in mind that there are probably more parts on the car that may come in handy, maybe not right at that particular moment, but accidents happen. In most cases, it is worth it to remove those extra parts as well and set them aside in case you need them in the future. By doing some research on salvage cars for sale and visiting sites like SalvageReseller.com, you’ll find  thousands of cars at for sale at more than 100 locations all over the United States, and any one of them may have just the car you need for parts. SalvageReseller.com is a site where you can researching salvage cars for sale, and even choose “for parts” cars only. You can also search for cars for sale close to your home so you do not have to pay shipping costs if you do find a parts car that has the piece or pieces you are looking for. If you purchase a salvage car and remove all the parts you need, you can still sell the remainder of the vehicle for parts as well, and help someone else that may be in the same situation you are, and make some of the money back you spent at the same time. So the next time you need a part, but do not want to pay the price the dealer or the parts store wants, consider searching SalvageReseller.com for auctions of cars from Copart and save yourself some hard earned money. Image, “BMW for sale” appears courtesy of Flickr user, Hugo90 under the Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) license.

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