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The Least Expensive Cars to Rebuild

If you are a car enthusiast, performing your own car rebuild will prove to be a very fulfilling experience. However, the project can become a financial headache if the proper steps are not taken. Here are a few of the least expensive cars to rebuild

Least Expensive Cars to Rebuild

. 1979-1993 Ford Mustang (Fox Body): For years, the Fox Body Mustang has maintained the reputation of being one of the most cost-effective rebuilds. Whether the owner wants to restore the stock engine or install a high-performance crate engine, they can expect tons of excitement from the rumbling of the V-8 engine. The best aspect of owning a Fox Body Mustang is that the aftermarket is full of available parts including superchargers, transmissions, and custom wheels. 1973-1976 Chevy Nova: Unlike some of the other classic cars, the 1973-1976 Chevy Nova is extremely affordable. With a budget of only $4000, you can have one of the meanest rides in town making it one of the least expensive cars to rebuild. Although this Nova is nearly 40 years old, it still is a mainstay at various drag-strips around the country. If you are able to locate a Nova that is in relatively good shape, do not hesitate to buy it. Its sturdy frame can handle lots of power. 1990-1993 Acura Integra If you have a thing for imports, the 1990-1993 Integra is definitely among the most affordable vehicles to rebuild. This second generation of the Integra, which is commonly referred to as “DA”, has an aftermarket that is full of goodies. When searching for an Integra, it is not uncommon to find one in fair condition for around $1000. The biggest advantage to these cars is that the engine swaps are a piece of cake. All three models mentioned above have the best typical market prices and most car parts for rebuilding, making them our basic picks for you today as the least expensive cars to rebuild.

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