The Importance of an Auction Car Inspection

cars at auctionsNo matter what type of vehicle you buy from an online salvage auction, having it inspected should be your number one priority. While the Copart auction provides photos and descriptions of vehicles, unless you or a licensed inspector views the vehicle in person, you have no way to determine what condition cars are really in for auction sale. Car auctions take no responsibility for the condition of the vehicle, the only way to be sure you know what you are bidding on and potentially buying, is to conduct a car inspection.



As a courtesy to its subscribers, offers a list of inspectors that are available for hire on their site. Keep in mind that we do not promote any of them or take responsibility for any of the car inspections; we just want to keep the online bidding experience as easy as possible. An inspector will provide you with a complete vehicle condition report. The location of the vehicle can be found in the description so you can simply search for an inspector in the area and give them a call. The inspection tab also it easy to find an inspector near you. With so many cheap cars and salvage cars for sale at Copart, it is very easy to overlook something when viewing photos or a description online, so doing a car inspection keeps you from any surprises once the vehicle arrives at your home. If you live close to any of the car auctions, you can also contact Copart to inspect the vehicle yourself. You simply need to register on Copart’s website and you will be able to view any salvage cars for sale at the facility you are close to by simply calling and arranging it with them. Spending the money to have a vehicle inspected before you place a bid on it keeps you from getting something you were not expecting. The little bit of money you spend for the inspection can save you hundreds or even thousands if you end up with a salvage car that is not what you bargained for.