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What is a Salvage Car?

You may have heard the term salvage vehicles, but do you really know what they are? Many people are under the impression that salvage vehicles are cars and trucks that do not run anymore. As such, they think that the vehicles are worth nothing more than a few decent parts.

This is simply not the case. So then, what IS a salvage car? First let’s go over how salvage vehicles are acquired. Salvage vehicles are acquired in many different ways, but the most common way is through insurance write offs. When an insurance company determines that it will cost more money to repair a vehicle than the car or truck is worth, they will write it off as a loss. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the vehicle is inoperable. In fact, in many cases, these cars simply have minor damage such as cracked windshields, soiled carpets, small dents or tiny scratches. So actually, you can get a perfectly-running vehicle at a price that is more than half off of its original cost! What is a salvage car? It could be your dream car or truck or your next daily ride. Other salvage vehicles are acquired through repossessions or theft recoveries. In these cases, you can get an almost new car or truck for a shockingly low price! We hope to have given you more insight on what is a salvage car and opened your eyes to new possibilities.

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