Winter Camping Trip

imagesIf you are a huge fan of the outdoors, your desire to travel doesn’t just disappear during the winter months. Whether it is for work or for pleasure, you are going to be spending some time camping in a trailer or other vehicle. Obviously, hypothermia is a big concern that can be easily prevented. Comfort is a priority too. To ensure that you stay safe and comfortable in your winter camping trip, always bring these:You absolutely must have the proper amount of blankets with you, and wear layers! Layers will help to keep the cold out, so bring thermals and sweatshirts with you. You must be certain that your fingers, toes and head are covered- these are the three body areas that lose heat quickly. Be sure to have mittens, gloves, multiple pairs of socks and a cap. Consider sleeping with slippers on if the temperatures become extremely low. For a comfortable sleep in your winter camping trip, you may wish to bring an air mattress. A sleeping bag will give you a little bit of support, but the air mattress provides much more. Foam bedding is another possibility. Some will bring an inflatable pillow that comes with the air mattress, but regular pillows are much better. They offer support and comfort, and this is particularly important if you’re going to be doing physical labor during the day. ALWAYS bring a cell phone AND charger, as well as a backup charger, in case of emergencies. Be sure that your cell phone has Internet capabilities so that you are able to look up weather conditions. Weather conditions can vary greatly from one part of the country to the next, so be sure to conduct your research before departing. You’ll need your strength to withstand the extremely cold temperatures in your winter camping trip, so be sure you have the proper amounts of food and water to keep you nourished. And finally, you must always bring an emergency kit with you. You never know what could happen in the great outdoors and sometimes, you do NOT want to find out.