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Winter Driving Tips for Safety

winter driving tips



Safe driving is always critical; safe driving in winter conditions is even more so. There really is no mystery about the best ways to stay safe on the roads during winter. Here are some winter driving tips to keep in mind:

Allow More Time to Stop

Adverse conditions make stopping more difficult. On slick or icy roads, momentum is much harder to stop. Slow down gradually, pump your brakes, and do not make any sudden stops. The faster you are driving the harder it will be to slow down. Snow or ice can grab your car, throw you off-kilter, and cause a loss of control. Driving at least 5 miles an hour below the speed limit during adverse conditions is a good idea.


Snow is an issue when packed on the road or during decreased visibility. Again, keep in mind that snow-packed roads can easily cause a loss of control. Sudden lane changes, turns, or stops can cause the snow to grab your vehicle and pull it. If you find yourself skidding or pulled through snow, the best idea is to take your foot off the brake or let your steering wheel correct itself for a split second in order to regain control of your vehicle.

4 Wheel Drive is Meaningless on Ice

A common misconception about winter driving is that 4 wheel drive is insurance against any adverse conditions. While it makes all the difference in snow, it does no good on ice. It doesn’t make any difference how many wheels are turning when they are all on a friction-less surface. Put generally, slow down in winter conditions. Don’t follow too closely, don’t brake too suddenly and don’t drive too fast. Keeping these things in mind will help keep everyone safer when the weather gets bad. We hope you’ve found our winter driving tips helpful. Feel free to check out more of our articles for additional advice!

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