Vehicle History

You now can get vehicle history report information for cars for sale. instaVIN Vehicle History and Title Reports are great tools to use when buying cars for sale, start at just $6.99 each, and contain the full history as reported to instaVIN. instaVIN Salvage and VIN Check reports are also available at just $2.99 each.

instaVIN accesses official state DMV Title & Brand data through the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS). The reports include key indicators such as current and previous state of title data, title issue date, latest title odometer data, theft history data (if any), any reported brand assigned to a vehicle and date applied and whether there is a reported open lien (loan) against the vehicle.

With over 40 million insurance total loss, junkyard and salvage records, instaVIN reports also provide valuable information on whether the car for sale has recently been reported a “total loss” by and insurance company, has gone through a salvage auction or has been reported at a junkyard. It includes the reason for the insurance loss such as collision or theft.

When possible the vehicle details are decoded from the vehicle identification number (VIN), such as year, make and model. This help buyers confirm cars are properly represented. We recommend to get a instaVIN report and inspect the vehicles before bidding. Actually you can do this before even registering with us.

Get your instaVIN report TODAY!