Used Ford Trucks for Sale

If you're looking for used Ford trucks for sale, you've come to the right place. You can find a wide variety of Ford trucks here at at an excellent price. Many of the used Ford trucks we list are still in great condition!

There are many different models of used Ford trucks that are for sale. Their prices vary based on the model of the truck, the year of the model, any extra features that the particular truck for sale may offer and the overall condition of the truck.

Buying at Copart used ensures that you get a lower price than what you would pay with a new car or truck. However, there are many things to consider when buying a salvage vehicle in order to ensure that you get the best deal. Fortunately, you can check any vehicle's history by getting an instaVIN report here at, and we strongly suggest that you have the vehicle inspected at your local Copart facility before making a purchase.

While some used vehicles are in poor or fair condition – making them more suitable for parts – there are used vehicles that are in good or excellent condition. Oftentimes, after only minor repairs, a salvage vehicle can be restored to "like new" condition. There are many used Ford trucks for sale to choose from. This wide selection will help you choose the one that is the best for you.

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Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1989 FORD BRONCO 32831076 1989 Ford Bronco NV - Reno Future Sale CA CT 30021 E Rear end $0  
1969 FORD BRONCO 37964116 1969 Ford Bronco PA - West Mifflin 10/25/2016 PA CT
83868 E Minor Dents/Scratches $2,550  
1986 FORD BRONCO 33655746 1986 Ford Bronco CO - Brighton 10/25/2016 CO CT
96220 E Hail $0  
1992 FORD BRONCO 30653326 1992 Ford Bronco CA - Vallejo 10/21/2016 CA SC
0 E Front end $50  
1985 FORD BRONCO 31024546 1985 Ford Bronco NE - Greenwood 10/25/2016 NE CT
0 E All Over $0  
1989 FORD BRONCO 35310246 1989 Ford Bronco CA - San Diego Future Sale CA SC 39413 X Rear end $80  
1986 FORD BRONCO 35492196 1986 Ford Bronco CA - Van Nuys 10/28/2016 CA DV
19996 E Normal wear $0  
1989 FORD BRONCO II 34060836 1989 Ford Bronco II PA - West Mifflin Future Sale PA BF 12110 E Water/Flood $0  
1990 FORD BRONCO 31733706 1990 Ford Bronco CO - Colorado Springs Future Sale CO CT 95816 E Hail $225  
1996 FORD BRONCO 25320486 1996 Ford Bronco MD - Finksburg Future Sale MD CT 142262 A Minor Dents/Scratches $80  
1994 FORD BRONCO 32210026 1994 Ford Bronco MT - Helena Future Sale MT CT 150199 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
1988 FORD BRONCO 34461706 1988 Ford Bronco TX - Anthony 10/21/2016 TX SV
64634 E Rear end $525  
1995 FORD BRONCO 35816546 1995 Ford Bronco NJ - Hillsborough 10/21/2016 NJ CT
172859 A Minor Dents/Scratches $0 Buy Now
1985 FORD BRONCO II 36896666 1985 Ford Bronco II FL - Midway 10/21/2016 AL CT
51989 E Front end $100  
1987 FORD BRONCO II 37715696 1987 Ford Bronco II TX - Haslet 10/21/2016 TX CT
21570 E Normal wear $125  
1995 FORD BRONCO 37686636 1995 Ford Bronco FL - West Palm Beach 10/27/2016 FL CT
0 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0 Buy Now
1995 FORD BRONCO 35261646 1995 Ford Bronco IL - Elgin 10/27/2016 WI CT
176198 A Minor Dents/Scratches $0 Buy Now
1986 FORD BRONCO 31228416 1986 Ford Bronco GA - Tifton 10/25/2016 GA ST
23341 E Front end $0  
1991 FORD BRONCO 32409946 1991 Ford Bronco FL - West Palm Beach Future Sale FL RB 72532 E Front end $0  
1996 FORD BRONCO 35125896 1996 Ford Bronco UT - North Salt Lake Future Sale UT SC 145716 E Side $0  
1994 FORD BRONCO 30593336 1994 Ford Bronco CA - Van Nuys Future Sale CA NR 0 E Burn $0  
1990 FORD BRONCO 35495106 1990 Ford Bronco CO - Colorado Springs Future Sale CO ST 31867 A All Over $0  
1987 FORD BRONCO II 33781246 1987 Ford Bronco II AR - Prairie Grove Future Sale AR PO 0 E Burn $0