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Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
2012 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 22380546 2012 Kenworth Construct MO - Columbia 10/25/2016 MO SC
425790 A Rollover $0 Buy Now
1997 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 37736646 1997 Kenworth Construct FL - Orlando 10/27/2016 FL CT
674739 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
1995 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 37889676 1995 Kenworth Construct TX - Anthony 10/28/2016 TX CT
220711 E Front end $0 Buy Now
2007 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 33756996 2007 Kenworth Construct TN - Memphis 10/20/2016 TN NR 0 N Burn $2,250  
2009 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 27285416 2009 Kenworth Construct NJ - Glassboro 10/25/2016 SC CT
838924 A Mechanical $200  
2009 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 33585746 2009 Kenworth Construct KY - Louisville 10/27/2016 KY ST
389778 A Mechanical $200  
2015 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 23288986 2015 Kenworth Construct FL - Midway Future Sale TX NX 0 N All Over $0  
2016 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 26299286 2016 Kenworth Construct TX - Amarillo Future Sale TX SV 0 N Side $2,550  
2015 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 26012116 2015 Kenworth Construct CA - Sacramento Future Sale CA SC 0 N All Over $1,000  
1990 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 38807795 1990 Kenworth Construct MN - Ham Lake Future Sale MN RS 0 E Burn $0  
2015 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 30506035 2015 Kenworth Construct MO - Rogersville Future Sale CA SC 280910 A All Over $0  
2006 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 29687846 2006 Kenworth Construct MN - Ham Lake 10/25/2016 MN PO
0 E Burn $0  
2007 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 32894106 2007 Kenworth Construct FL - Jacksonville 10/24/2016 FL CD
419546 A Rollover $0 Buy Now
2014 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 34330686 2014 Kenworth Construct OR - Woodburn Future Sale OR SC 0 N Rollover $4,550  
2015 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 31222746 2015 Kenworth Construct MA - West Warren Future Sale NH ST 0 N Rollover $325  
1987 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 24961726 1987 Kenworth Construct NM - Albuquerque Future Sale NM NR 0 E Burn $0  
2006 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 29037006 2006 Kenworth Construct TX - Houston Future Sale TX SV 0 E All Over $2,600  
1994 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 33032586 1994 Kenworth Construct IN - Indianapolis 10/25/2016 OH ST
649301 A Front end $30  
1991 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 32246506 1991 Kenworth Construct MT - Billings Future Sale OR SC 888850 E Rollover $0  
1995 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 37611596 1995 Kenworth Construct TX - Houston 10/28/2016 NV CT
878150 E Mechanical $0 Buy Now
2016 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 37543446 2016 Kenworth Construct IN - Indianapolis 10/25/2016 IN ST
0 N Front end $1,000  
1997 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 23483134 1997 Kenworth Construct TX - Houston Future Sale TX SL 373870 A Front end $0  
1995 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 30763176 1995 Kenworth Construct WI - Madison Future Sale WI CT 615322 A Rollover $0  
2009 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 32241376 2009 Kenworth Construct TX - Houston 10/21/2016 TX CT
808552 N Front end $11,300 Buy Now
1989 KENWORTH CONSTRUCT 31393156 1989 Kenworth Construct IL - Elgin Future Sale IL SC 331982 E Front end $0