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Our auctions provide a wide assortment of models and years if you are looking to purchase a newer, high-quality salvage vehicle. You can purchase the vehicle on this website cheaper than at auto centers and still have money left to make upgrades.

Select from a variety of used vehicles at auctions by filtering your choices through model, location, year or mileage. You can access more data about the vehicle by clicking on the lot number of the vehicle. If you want a detailed history of the car, order an instant vehicle history report. The listing also provides you with multiple pictures, damage details and vehicle features.

Once you have determined which vehicles you are interested in, visit the Copart facility to conduct a thorough inspection. Choose vehicles with minor cosmetic repairs and get more savings, or find project cars that need extensive restoration. The price reduction allows you to budget repairs into the cost of the vehicle.

We recommend you to follow this steps:

Always Inspect Repairable Cars

First of all, it is essential that you inspect the vehicle you wish to bid on. Check such things as the engine's condition, the body and the interior. Look for any damage that will need repairs. If there are any repairs needed, get an estimate on repair costs before you bid. Finally, if you cannot inspect the vehicle yourself, can help you locate a business that can.

Examine the Vehicle's History

Another important thing you will want to do before placing a bid in insurance cars auctions is to examine the history of the vehicle in question. By using's InstaVIN feature, you can find out most anything you need to know about the vehicle you wish to bid on. This includes accident information, title history and vehicle specifications.

Determining Your Budget

Finally, before you place a bid, be sure to determine how much money you can afford to pay for a car or truck. Set a price range and stick to it. If a price is already beyond your maximum range, continue your search. Never bid beyond what your wallet will allow.

If you want to get the best deal on repairable cars for sale, can help. However, be sure to take the tips detailed above into consideration before placing your bid. When you follow these valuable tips, you are sure to obtain the car of your dreams in no time at all.

Placing your bid is simple when you click on the "Register" button at the top of the page. This will provide you the opportunity to bid on any used cars for auction at Copart. The chance to buy cheap cars at auction, even classic cars, can help you save money on a car no matter whether you plan to use it for parts or restore it and drive it.

A minimal annual or monthly fee is required to gain access to LEXUS vehicles auctions across the country. Get started today and bid on unlimited vehicles right away!

Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1990 LEXUS ES 250 35182186 1990 Lexus ES 250 NY - Brookhaven 10/26/2016 NY CT
180297 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0 Buy Now
2013 LEXUS ES 350 37366846 2013 Lexus ES 350 CA - Colton 10/27/2016 CA CT
34277 A Front end $90  
2001 LEXUS RX 300 35595666 2001 Lexus RX 300 OK - Oklahoma City 10/25/2016 TX CT
152929 E Minor Dents/Scratches $1,800  
2003 LEXUS GS 430 37913226 2003 Lexus GS 430 IL - Chicago Heights 10/28/2016 IL CT
190055 A Rear end $0  
2001 LEXUS RX 300 36751466 2001 Lexus RX 300 OK - Oklahoma City 11/01/2016 OK CT
223593 E Mechanical $40  
1997 LEXUS ES 300 38099246 1997 Lexus ES 300 FL - Punta Gorda 10/28/2016 FL CT
96305 E Minor Dents/Scratches $175  
2001 LEXUS RX 300 37886826 2001 Lexus RX 300 FL - Fort Pierce 10/26/2016 FL CT
233529 E Mechanical $90  
2000 LEXUS RX 300 37959956 2000 Lexus RX 300 PA - West Mifflin 11/01/2016 PA CT
182696 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
2003 LEXUS RX 300 37454916 2003 Lexus RX 300 LA - Shreveport 10/27/2016 LA CT
220004 A Normal wear $0  
2006 LEXUS GS 300 AWD 38110616 2006 Lexus GS 300 AWD ME - Lyman 10/27/2016 ME CT 135432 E Front end $0  
2006 LEXUS ES 330 37035386 2006 Lexus ES 330 WI - Cudahy 10/28/2016 WI CT
87143 A Front end $25  
2006 LEXUS IS250 AWD 31323546 2006 Lexus IS250 AWD WI - Cudahy 10/28/2016 WI CT
129165 A Front end $0  
2000 LEXUS RX 300 37856866 2000 Lexus RX 300 TX - Houston 10/28/2016 TX CT
193574 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
1999 LEXUS LX 470 37740406 1999 Lexus LX 470 NJ - Windsor 10/26/2016 NJ CT
235208 A Mechanical $425  
2001 LEXUS LS 430 37902636 2001 Lexus LS 430 TX - Grand Prairie 10/31/2016 TX CT
246426 A Front end $0  
2000 LEXUS LX 470 37005576 2000 Lexus LX 470 FL - Riverview 10/28/2016 IL CT
210096 A Minor Dents/Scratches $100 Buy Now
2002 LEXUS RX 300 38127806 2002 Lexus RX 300 CT - New Britain 10/25/2016 MA CT
184241 A Minor Dents/Scratches $1,550  
2012 LEXUS LS 460L 33275696 2012 Lexus LS 460L TX - Haslet Future Sale TX CT 31625 A Front end $1,550  
2002 LEXUS RX 300 37853046 2002 Lexus RX 300 KY - Lawrenceburg 10/26/2016 KY CT
256789 A Front end $225  
2003 LEXUS RX 300 34245996 2003 Lexus RX 300 FL - West Palm Beach 10/27/2016 FL CT
133160 E Front end $0  
1999 LEXUS RX 300 37907206 1999 Lexus RX 300 FL - Riverview 10/28/2016 FL CT
138833 A Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
2001 LEXUS RX 300 37783986 2001 Lexus RX 300 ME - Lyman 10/27/2016 ME CT
228243 E Mechanical $0 Buy Now
1995 LEXUS SC 400 37994206 1995 Lexus SC 400 AZ - Tucson 10/28/2016 AZ CT
245763 A Normal wear $0  
2007 LEXUS ES 350 37749186 2007 Lexus ES 350 GA - Austell 10/28/2016 GA CT
0 N Rear end $0  
2002 LEXUS LS 430 33111406 2002 Lexus LS 430 VA - Hampton 11/01/2016 VA CT
189799 E Front end $0