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Image Lot Year Sort Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1977 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 29311946 1977 TN - Lebanon Future Sale TN NR 0 E Burn $300  
1983 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 36493726 1983 IL - Wheeling 10/24/2016 IL CT
56263 E Mechanical $200  
1986 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 35208966 1986 CO - Brighton 10/25/2016 CO BS
37422 E Rear end $0  
1986 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 27860006 1986 SC - Gaston Future Sale SC ST 0 E Side $0  
1988 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 35041326 1988 AL - Tanner Future Sale AL ST 33589 E Side $0  
1988 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 37487816 1988 CA - San Martin 10/25/2016 CA CQ
79427 X Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
1990 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 35784096 1990 NV - Reno 10/27/2016 NV CT
79655 E Minor Dents/Scratches $0  
1990 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 34054246 1990 CO - Brighton Future Sale CO ST 67327 E Side $0  
1997 LINCOLN TOWN CAR 33310916 1997 FL - Midway Future Sale FL RB 185275 E Front end $0