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Experience With Buying Wrecked Cars

buying wrecked cars for sale

If you are thinking about buying wrecked cars from a salvage car auction read on. Many people buy wrecked cars and are able to get them back on the road again. A car may be described as “wrecked” but not be in the condition you’d expect. The reason the term wrecked is used is because the car may have been declared a “total loss” by an insurance company. The thing about being a total loss is that insurance companies consider cars “totaled” for many reasons.

Reasons Why Cars Are Considered “Totaled”:

  1. It was stolen and recovered
  2. It suffered flood damage
  3. The car was damaged by hail
  4. The car was vandalized

buying wrecked cars checklist

All of these conditions could lead to a car being “totaled”. These cars are also known as damaged cars for sale. You can find the wrecked cars for sale at online auto auctions. Often these cars are repairable. When you are searching and buying wrecked cars from an online auto auction is it important to look into the status of the vehicles.

When buying wrecked cars you will want to know:

  1. If the vehicle is repairable or non-repairable
  2. What kind of damage occurred to the vehicle

Once you have determined the cause of damage you will be able to figure out how difficult it will be to repair the vehicle. If the vehicle is not repairable, the car may still be worthwhile if you plan on using it for parts.

Buying wrecked cars for parts is another common practice. Some people who are searching for wrecked cars for sale online are not looking to buy them with the intentions of repairing. They are looking for parts. In some cases, it may be cheaper to buy an entire wrecked car for a part than it would be to buy the part alone.

Once again it is important to understand the type of damage the vehicle suffered to determine if the part you need is still in working condition.

Whenever Buying Wrecked Cars For Sale:

A good place to start is with Copart auctions. Copart auctions offer you a wide variety of insurance salvage cars for sale. These are the wrecked cars that were considered total losses by the insurance company. When the insurance company ends up with these cars, they usually sell them via auction. That is how you end up buying wrecked cars at huge savings.

If you are looking to access to Copart auction to shop for Copart salvage cars for sale you may want to use a Copart broker site. These sites make it much easier to buy a car from the Copart auction than using the Copart site. The reason the Copart broker site is easier to use is because you will not need to have a dealer’s license.

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