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Why Buy Salvage Vehicles

Salvage cars, motorcycles, SUVs, etc. often cost much less to acquire than those that haven't been damaged in an accident. These vehicles can then be restored to working condition at relatively little cost. Indeed, after you've repaired the frame or restored the bodywork, you are likely to have paid significantly less than you would have purchasing a clean title car. In fact, you could very well end up with a vehicle that is every bit as reliable as its clean title counterpart while saving a substantial amount of money.

It's also important to note that not all salvage cars for sale are in bad shape. Some vehicles are "totaled" by the insurance companies only because it was believed that the repair costs were greater than the actual worth of the vehicle.

In these tough economic times, these relatively cheap cars can be a sensible purchase. Fortunately, SalvageReseller.com makes it easy to research these vehicles online to find a great value near you.

Why Choose SalvageReseller.com?

SalvageReseller.com make it possible for everyone to participate in a Copart auction. Finding cars for auction is a cinch: Our vehicle search page offers a variety of useful methods to locate vehicles.

We care about our members. That's why we actively encourage those who research cars for sale on our website to always visit the Copart facility and inspect the vehicle(s) before bidding. Our supportive staff will do whatever we can to help you along during this process. Also, in addition to helping you find salvage cars for auction, we can help you find vehicle inspectors and transportation services at no cost.

Copart Auction

Once you're ready to bid on your vehicle of choice, you can fill out the form on our registration page, choose your subscription and pay a registration fee and security deposit to receive a unique bidder number. This allows you to login to the Copart.com website and participate in car auctions not ordinarily available to the general public.

After the Copart auto auction, once you've paid for a vehicle and provided us with the necessary paperwork, you can pick up the car, truck, SUV or motorcycle directly at the Copart facility.

The benefits of joining SalvageReseller.com

  • Find cheap cars on salvage auction
  • Get connected to a Copart facility to setup a personal inspection
  • Register to receive a unique bidder number
  • Gain access to exclusive salvage car auctions at Copart.com without buying a dealer license