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Welcome to Salvage Reseller! Here, you will find all the necessary information that you need to learn before you start bidding.

We have put together an extensive video tutorial library to help our customers understand the entire process of buying a vehicle from Copart through our website.

Buying Tips


Before you place a bid with on of Copart's insurance cars auctions, there are a few things you need to examine first.

How do I upload my ID


After entering your Email Address and Password, click on Login. Then click on the identification tab. Next, Upload your ID (Driver's License or Passport) from your device.

How to Bid


Bid on the vehicles of your choice! Pay for the vehicle purchased and pick it up directly at Copart, through a licensed transporter. Simply find the vehicle you want and click the join button to get started.

How to I find a car


Find the vehicle of choice, and visit the Copart facility where it is stored, to inspect it prior to bidding. You can search cars for sale by Vehicle Type, Year, Make, Model, Title Type, Vehicle Location, etc.

How to Login


Being the first time you log in you must enter your account information, such as phone number and address. Follow the next steps shown in the video.

How to Register


Create your account and choose a membership to get started now! Get dealer only access to more than 140k salvage and clean title vehicles from Copart. Join The Auctions! No Dealer License Required!



Can I inspect the vehicles? Of course, we actually highly recommend to always inspect the vehicles before bidding, you can even inspect cars for auction before registering with us.



To register, please select one of our convenient subscription options. You can start with a free membership, no credit card required, or, register for a monthly or yearly subscription.

Salvage Reseller


Looking to buy a used vehicle, but don't want to pay dealership prices? Well, you've found the right place! Salvage reseller offers you the opportunity to buy any vehicle salvage, clean repairable, repossessed, and anything in between for a fraction of its market cost, for parts for a project, or to repair.

Security Deposit


The security deposit, protects SalvageReseller, should you fail to pay for the vehicle you purchased, as we are responsible for ensuring payment of awarded vehicles to Copart.

Steps After Winning An Auction


Once you win a vehicle's salvage auction, you must be aware of the sale status of the vehicle. You can check your bid in the "Open Items".

Terms and Conditions


It is recommended that new Buyers read the full text of SalvageReseller.com's Terms and Conditions before Acceptance.