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Questions to Ask Before You Buy Salvage Cars

It's true that salvage car auctions can translate to big savings for the consumer. In many cases, after a few repairs, a salvage title vehicle can function reliably as a daily driver. However, at SalvageReseller.com, we aim to help our members make informed purchases. We can’t stress enough how important it is to research a salvage car before purchasing. To help you get started, here are some questions to ask before you buy salvage cars.

  • What is the extent of the salvage vehicle’s damage?

    If you’re looking for a daily driver, pay close attention to the type and extent of damage that occurred to the vehicle. Although many salvage cars can drive reliably after some repairs, there are some vehicles that will never operate as safely and dependably as they once did. A vehicle that has frame damage or extensive corrosion from salt water flooding may not be the best choice if you’re looking for a car that you can drive regularly.

  • How do I assess the damage of a salvage car for sale?

    At SalvageReseller.com, we have partnered with instaVIN to provide convenient vehicle history reports for every salvage car, truck, motorcycle and boat featured on our website. Also, in addition to acquiring a history report, we highly encourage everyone to inspect the vehicle at the Copart facility before you buy salvage cars.

  • Was the vehicle inspected?

    Whenever you have your sights set on a salvage car for sale, we highly recommend having the vehicle inspected prior to placing an offer. If you don’t have the vehicle inspected, you may find yourself dealing with costly complications down the road. Do yourself a big favor and have that salvage car inspected! Visit our Inspections page for a listing of inspection services that you can get in contact with and setup an appointment.

  • How do I find the type of salvage car I'm looking for?

    At SalvageReseller.com, you can search through a vast selection of salvage cars for sale. What’s more, you can register to buy salvage cars bidding directly at Copart.com. Traditionally, you would need a dealer’s license to acquire salvage vehicles in this manner, but SalvageReseller.com is a Copart Registered Broker created to provide everyone with the opportunity to acquire salvage cars, trucks, motorcycles, SUVs and more. We also offer a FREE 30 Day Trial Membership, so you can buy salvage cars bidding directly at Copart today!