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Why use SalvageReseller.com

Salvage Reseller Copart Broker

salvagereseller.com When the now-president of Inloher Corporation investigated Copart, he was quite dismayed when he found that the general public could not purchase salvaged vehicles offered by the company. Copart only allowed licensed automobile dealers and dismantlers to bid in their auctions. The solution to this problem was what is now SalvageReseller.com. A licensed online Copart dealer that allows people who are not registered dealers to gain access to the online auctions.

The Beginning of SalvageReseller.com

In 2004, Inloher Corporation began as a licensed automobile dealer in Florida, with the sole purpose of allowing the general public to gain access to Copart’s vehicles. Shortly after its startup, Inloher became licensed by Copart and was able to show the public photos of cars for sale. Even though Inloher had limited funding and no previous experience with website development, they were able to go on and create three valuable websites, which allow the public to purchase Copart’s vehicles. Finally, Inloher had made it possible for anybody to access these cars without a dealer’s license.

Browse Our Websites

Whether you are looking to purchase a salvage Chevy or a salvage Ford, you are sure to find the vehicle of your dreams on one of our websites. You may even be able to find a classic salvage BMW. This is because Inloher was created for the sole purpose of selling Copart’s vehicles to you, the general public. While Inloher was initially a Copart image licensee, they are now a part of the Copart Reseller Program, and they have sold a broad range of vehicles through their three sites: SalvageBikesAuction.com, SalvageAutosAuction.com, SalvageBoatsAuction.com and SalvageTrucksAuction.com. No matter what you are looking for, you are sure to find it with us.

BBB Approved

Today, SalvageReseller.com is not only a registered Copart reseller, but they are also a member of the Better Business Bureau, with an A+ rating. You simply cannot get any better than that. With that said, if you want to buy a new vehicle, let us help you. Our professional and experienced staff is ready to assist you in any way we can. ­

Knowledge Center

We have put together an extensive video tutorial library to help our customers understand the entire process of buying a vehicle from Copart through our website.