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Seat Belts Save Lives

seat belts save livesIt is a simple fact that seat belts save lives, and the “Click it or Ticket” laws have helped reduce car accident fatalities since 2005. A loss can be hard to assume specially when it’s that of a child. Listed below are some useful tips to keep you and your kids safe when driving. When you wear your seat belt and the vehicle stops suddenly, you will be held firmly to your seat. Without a seat belt, your body would continue to move during an accident. Even at only 35 mph, you could easily break your bones by hitting such things as the dash, steering wheel or windshield. When putting your seat belt on, make sure that it lies flat across your hips, not your stomach. Pregnant women should position the belt across their legs, rather than hips. The shoulder strap should cross your collarbone. If the belt is loose after you buckle it, be sure to tighten it until it fits snugly against your body. Kids who are under 12 should always sit in the back seat, as airbags can kill babies and small children should they deploy. Infants who are under 20 pounds should sit in rear-facing car seats. After that, they can sit in forward-facing seats until they reach about 40 pounds, at which point they can graduate to booster seats. To date, the “Click it or Ticket” laws have significantly reduced the number of fatalities that occur each year from car accidents greatly helping seat belts save lives . With that said, before you choose to shop for that salvage jeep you want or those used trucks for sale, make sure you know the importance of car safety. http://www.salvagereseller.com/ encourages all drivers to be safe on the road, and to remember seat belts save lives.

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