Can You Insure a Salvage Car?

insure a salvage car

Can you insure a salvage car? The short answer is – yes! You can certianly insure a salvage car. But, there are steps you will need to follow to do so. You may be looking at wrecked cars for sale from a salvage car auction. I am going to go over the steps it will take for you to have your repairable salvage car repaired and what it will take to have it insured and back on the road. Continue reading

Experience With Buying Wrecked Cars

buying wrecked cars for sale

If you are thinking about buying wrecked cars from a salvage car auction read on. Many people buy wrecked cars and are able to get them back on the road again. A car may be described as “wrecked” but not be in the condition you’d expect. The reason the term wrecked is used is because the car may have been declared a “total loss” by an insurance company. The thing about being a total loss is that insurance companies consider cars “totaled” for many reasons. Continue reading

Damaged Cars for Sale

damaged cars for sale

Buying damaged cars is a great way for you to save money. Many damaged cars can still be repaired and used normally once they have their title rebuilt. You can also find damaged cars that are non-repairable and are better suited for spare parts. Just because a car is considered “damaged” it does not mean it is no longer valuable. There are many reasons to buy salvage cars

Continue reading