Why You Should Consider a Car for Auction as a Daily Ride

daily rideWith rising automotive costs, finding a car for auction is a helpful way to save money on your daily ride. Purchasing a new car can be expensive and dealerships often have a limited amount of used vehicles in stock. Find an auction for cars that meets your specific needs, rather than settling for whatever is on the used car lot. Customers can find a vehicle in the comfort of their home through SalvageReseller.com, a Copart Registered Broker.  Continue reading

Buying Salvage Cars for Parts Cheaper Than Going to the Parts Store?

parts storeIf you have an older car that you no longer carry comprehensive and collision insurance on, you know getting into an accident can be costly. Even a small fender bender can break a taillight or headlight that if purchased from the dealership or parts store, can be very expensive. Everyone has seen that person driving down the road with red tape replacing the lens on a taillight, all because the tape was much less expensive than replacing the taillight. Most people never consider buying a whole car when they only need a part, but in some cases, you can save a lot of money, and even make money purchasing a whole car from a salvage auction to get the parts you need.



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The Importance of an Auction Car Inspection

cars at auctionsNo matter what type of vehicle you buy from an online salvage auction, having it inspected should be your number one priority. While the Copart auction provides photos and descriptions of vehicles, unless you or a licensed inspector views the vehicle in person, you have no way to determine what condition cars are really in for auction sale. Car auctions take no responsibility for the condition of the vehicle, the only way to be sure you know what you are bidding on and potentially buying, is to conduct a car inspection.



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Buying a Repossessed Vehicle from a Salvage Auction

repossessed vehicleThe economy is struggling and so are many people when it comes to making their car payments for one reason or another. When a debtor does not make payments or cannot make payments on their financed vehicle, it is repossessed by the finance company and if not reclaimed by the debtor, is sold at auction.


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Copart Helps Shift More Consumers to the Web for Used Car Auctions

car auctionsSalvageReseller.com, a Copart Registered Broker, is at the forefront of a great shift now revolutionizing the way car auctions operate. Growing masses of shrewd car-buyers now beat the heat and stay away from long lines by bidding on salvaged vehicles right from the comfort of their easy chairs — or iPhones!



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