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Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
2008 HONDA ACCORD LX 15162216 2008 HONDA ACCORD LX NJ - HILLSBOROUGH Future Sale NJ SC 85293 N Front end $0  
2003 HONDA ACCORD LX 14000836 2003 HONDA ACCORD LX KS - KANSAS CITY Future Sale KS ET 231345 E Front end $0  
202455 A Rear end $0  
2000 HONDA ACCORD EX 15159556 2000 HONDA ACCORD EX SC - GREER Future Sale SC ST 0 E All Over $0  
2012 HONDA ACCORD LX 15159616 2012 HONDA ACCORD LX TX - HOUSTON Future Sale TX SV 54394 A Front end $0  
1996 HONDA ACCORD EX/ 40052095 1996 HONDA ACCORD EX/ TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 317667 A Rear end $0  
2010 HONDA PILOT LX 15157426 2010 HONDA PILOT LX NV - LAS VEGAS 02/18/2016 NV SC
0 N Burn $100  
1998 HONDA CIVIC LX 13900406 1998 HONDA CIVIC LX CA - COLTON Future Sale CA SC 217253 A Vandalism $0  
2009 HONDA ACCORD EX 13901066 2009 HONDA ACCORD EX AL - TANNER Future Sale AL ST 87442 A Front end $0  
2008 HONDA CIVIC LX 15154736 2008 HONDA CIVIC LX SC - GREER Future Sale SC ST 132233 A Rear end $0  
2007 HONDA ACCORD EX 15154446 2007 HONDA ACCORD EX CA - VAN NUYS 02/12/2016 CA SC
199144 A Front end $0  
2003 HONDA CR-V EX 15153786 2003 HONDA CR-V EX KY - LOUISVILLE Future Sale KY ST 42020 A All Over $0  
2007 HONDA ACCORD EX 15152346 2007 HONDA ACCORD EX CO - BRIGHTON Future Sale CO ST 0 N Front end $0  
2010 HONDA FIT 15151886 2010 HONDA FIT TX - HASLET Future Sale PA SC 39493 A Side $0  
2013 HONDA CIVIC SI 40406055 2013 HONDA CIVIC SI GA - GAINESVILLE Future Sale GA ST 76312 A Front end $125  
2007 HONDA ODYSSEY EX 15151846 2007 HONDA ODYSSEY EX NJ - HILLSBOROUGH Future Sale NJ SC 104848 A Front end $0  
2010 HONDA CR-V LX 15150276 2010 HONDA CR-V LX IL - ELGIN Future Sale IL SC 34987 A Side $0  
2010 HONDA ODYSSEY EX 40682055 2010 HONDA ODYSSEY EX SC - GASTON Future Sale SC ST 92541 A Front end $0  
2010 HONDA CR-V EX-L 15149186 2010 HONDA CR-V EX-L GA - AUSTELL Future Sale GA ST 51607 A Front end $0  
2015 HONDA CIVIC EX-L 36523235 2015 HONDA CIVIC EX-L MD - FINKSBURG 02/15/2016 MD S1
1410 A Front end $100