Salvage Classic Cars for Sale

If you want to find a Salvage Classic Cars on sale, you are in the right place to find the perfect car for you!

When you think of a salvage auction, classic salvage cars are usually not the first type of car that comes to mind. However, like any vehicle, they can be damaged beyond repair and sold with newer model salvage cars at a Copart auction as well. A Copart auto auction can feature any kind of car, any year and with any range of damage, physical or mechanical. They also have a range of title brands salvage, to clean to parts only. As unfortunate as it is for the previous owner, classic salvage cars can end up being sold at car auctions as salvage cars as well. Although insurance on salvage classic cars for sale is usually based on agreed value instead of actual cash value, mechanical or collision damage can exceed even the higher agreed value. What this means to a car collector, or anyone else, is that you can buy a classic car at Copart to rebuild or use as parts for a vehicle you already own. We highly recommend that you make arrangements to inspect classic salvage cars, or hire a vehicle inspector to look at the vehicle before you place any bids on it. Choosing the “CLASSIC CAR” quick pick provides you with a list of salvage classic cars for sale at Copart. You can browse through the listing and if any one of these cars for auction interests you, you simply need to click on the Lot# and you will be provided with additional information on the cars for auction such as title status and location, as well as photos. Please note that we provide this information as a courtesy based on the information we receive from Copart on salvage cars for sale, therefore we are not responsible for its content.

If you find a particular vehicle that you are interested in bidding on, simply register today. This will provide you the opportunity to bid on any salvage cars for auction at Copart. The chance to buy cheap cars at auction, even classic cars, can help you save money on a car no matter whether you plan to use it for parts or restore it and drive it.

Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1978 CADILLAC EL DORADO 20511305 1978 CADILLAC EL DORADO MT - BILLINGS Future Sale MT SC 76697 E Front end $0  
1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE 17166065 1982 CHEVROLET CORVETTE IL - ELGIN Future Sale IL SC 53867 E Front end $475  
1965 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE 21308445 1965 CHEVROLET CHEVELLE IN - HARTFORD CITY Future Sale IN ST 82655 A Front end $7,800  
1977 NISSAN 280Z 18455435 1977 NISSAN 280Z CA - SACRAMENTO Future Sale CA DL 56214 E Normal wear $0  
1977 BMW 320I 18163715 1977 BMW 320I CA - RANCHO CUCAMONGA Future Sale CA DL 64629 A Mechanical $0  
1985 MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS F- 27959224 1985 MERCEDES-BENZ B-CLASS F- AL - EIGHT MILE Future Sale MS LD 49365 E Front end $0  
1981 VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT DEL 18684775 1981 VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT DEL CA - SACRAMENTO Future Sale CA DL 137501 E Normal wear $0  
1983 TOYOTA TERCEL DEL 18532295 1983 TOYOTA TERCEL DEL CA - HAYWARD Future Sale CA DL 192411 E Normal wear $0  
1981 FORD F150 17315835 1981 FORD F150 CA - HAYWARD Future Sale CA DL 8394 E Normal wear $0  
1976 CHEVROLET PICK UP 17171775 1976 CHEVROLET PICK UP TX - NEW BRAUNFELS Future Sale TX ML 17338 E Mechanical $0  
1979 FORD RANCHERO 16747405 1979 FORD RANCHERO CA - HAYWARD Future Sale CA DL 70880 E Normal wear $250  
1985 TOYOTA XTRACAB DE 18167405 1985 TOYOTA XTRACAB DE AZ - PHOENIX Future Sale AZ SC 123034 A All Over $60  
1955 FORD F-100 21939945 1955 FORD F-100 TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 1 A Top/Roof $5,700  
1970 BUICK SKYLARK 22677535 1970 BUICK SKYLARK IL - ELGIN Future Sale IL SC 20987 E Front end $0  
1976 JEEP CJ-5 18138665 1976 JEEP CJ-5 SC - GREER Future Sale SC ST 20810 E Front end $1,550  
1974 MG MIDGET 21179435 1974 MG MIDGET VA - SANDSTON Future Sale VA ST 80330 E $400  
1972 PLYMOUTH SCAMP 19998815 1972 PLYMOUTH SCAMP NJ - HILLSBOROUGH Future Sale NJ CT 32237 A $325  
1966 FORD MUSTANG 15849845 1966 FORD MUSTANG SC - GASTON Future Sale SC ST 9787 E Front end $200  
1967 FORD MUSTANG 17136595 1967 FORD MUSTANG TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 69737 A Front end $525  
1985 NISSAN 720 US KIN 17097695 1985 NISSAN 720 US KIN TN - MADISONVILLE Future Sale GA BS 351947 E Front end $0