Salvage Classic Cars for Sale

If you want to find a Salvage Classic Cars on sale, you are in the right place to find the perfect car for you!

When you think of a salvage auction, classic salvage cars are usually not the first type of car that comes to mind. However, like any vehicle, they can be damaged beyond repair and sold with newer model salvage cars at a Copart auction as well. A Copart auto auction can feature any kind of car, any year and with any range of damage, physical or mechanical. They also have a range of title brands salvage, to clean to parts only. As unfortunate as it is for the previous owner, classic salvage cars can end up being sold at car auctions as salvage cars as well. Although insurance on salvage classic cars for sale is usually based on agreed value instead of actual cash value, mechanical or collision damage can exceed even the higher agreed value. What this means to a car collector, or anyone else, is that you can buy a classic car at Copart to rebuild or use as parts for a vehicle you already own. We highly recommend that you make arrangements to inspect classic salvage cars, or hire a vehicle inspector to look at the vehicle before you place any bids on it. Choosing the “CLASSIC CAR” quick pick provides you with a list of salvage classic cars for sale at Copart. You can browse through the listing and if any one of these cars for auction interests you, you simply need to click on the Lot# and you will be provided with additional information on the cars for auction such as title status and location, as well as photos. Please note that we provide this information as a courtesy based on the information we receive from Copart on salvage cars for sale, therefore we are not responsible for its content.

If you find a particular vehicle that you are interested in bidding on, simply register today. This will provide you the opportunity to bid on any salvage cars for auction at Copart. The chance to buy cheap cars at auction, even classic cars, can help you save money on a car no matter whether you plan to use it for parts or restore it and drive it.

Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1985 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CL 28558434 1985 CHEVROLET CAPRICE CL PA - CHAMBERSBURG Future Sale PA SC 29844 E All Over $0  
1983 FERRARI 308GTS QUA 22371596 1983 FERRARI 308GTS QUA TX - DALLAS Future Sale TN BS 13500 A Front end $0  
1981 BMW 528I AUTOM 23668436 1981 BMW 528I AUTOM FL - JACKSONVILLE Future Sale FL RB 254003 E Front end $0  
1984 TOYOTA CAMRY LE 37337325 1984 TOYOTA CAMRY LE NJ - HILLSBOROUGH Future Sale NJ SC 180428 N Front end $0  
1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 300D 18335156 1956 MERCEDES-BENZ 300D WA - ARLINGTON Future Sale WA CT 61026 E Side $200  
1948 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 16199606 1948 CHRYSLER WINDSOR CA - SAN DIEGO Future Sale CA SC 26423 A Rear end $350  
1983 VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT LS 19039356 1983 VOLKSWAGEN RABBIT LS MO - BRIDGETON Future Sale IL CT 192808 A Normal wear $225  
1965 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS 21320266 1965 OLDSMOBILE CUTLASS TX - DALLAS Future Sale TX CT 10000 N All Over $0  
1964 PONTIAC GRANDPRIX 24565936 1964 PONTIAC GRANDPRIX IN - HAMMOND Future Sale IN ST 25833 E Burn $2,050  
1971 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE 22471916 1971 TRIUMPH SPITFIRE WI - MADISON Future Sale WI CT 59242 A Rear end $0  
1981 CADILLAC ELDORADO 32341495 1981 CADILLAC ELDORADO TX - GRAND PRAIRIE Future Sale TX SL 2989 X Mechanical $0  
1981 FORD LTD CROWN 18061316 1981 FORD LTD CROWN NC - CHINA GROVE Future Sale NC SC 83145 E Front end $0  
1953 CHEVROLET PICKUP 23539476 1953 CHEVROLET PICKUP MO - BRIDGETON Future Sale IL SC 3220 A All Over $125  
1965 BUICK LESABRE 26892766 1965 BUICK LESABRE TN - MEMPHIS Future Sale TN AD 0 E Burn $0  
1967 CHEVROLET NOVA 23665976 1967 CHEVROLET NOVA TX - DALLAS Future Sale TX CT 1000 N Side $0  
1972 TRIUMPH TR6 23001786 1972 TRIUMPH TR6 MO - BRIDGETON Future Sale IL SC 18234 X Rollover $300  
1985 PONTIAC FIERO SE 17605295 1985 PONTIAC FIERO SE TX - GRAND PRAIRIE Future Sale TX SL 139728 A Mechanical $0  
1975 DATSUN 620 20549385 1975 DATSUN 620 TX - HOUSTON Future Sale TX SL 0 E Mechanical $825  
1985 TOYOTA COROLLA SP 30449675 1985 TOYOTA COROLLA SP KS - WICHITA Future Sale KS ST 134952 E Normal wear $150  
1949 FORD CUSTOM 24235966 1949 FORD CUSTOM MN - HAM LAKE Future Sale MN RS 0 E Burn $0