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Browse from hundreds of recreational vehicles for sale. We list the latest salvage auctions from Copart, so if you’re looking for a great deal on a trailer or RV, you’ll find it in this Quick Search category. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for parts, or a new salvage recreational vehicle to ride in, provides you with a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. Each listing features up-to-date information that has been provided by Copart as a courtesy. We have also partnered with instaVIN to provide helpful vehicle history reports on all recreational vehicles for sale. However, we strongly encourage you to have a vehicle inspected before you make a purchase. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of professional inspection agencies on our Inspections page that you can setup an appointment with, or you can choose to inspect the salvage recreational vehicles yourself at the local Copart facility.

Salvage Recreational Vehicles

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Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
2007 TOYOTA CAMRY CE/L 27764655 2007 TOYOTA CAMRY CE/L TX - HOUSTON Future Sale TX SV 233965 A Rear end $0  
2001 FORD F150 27764375 2001 FORD F150 AL - EIGHT MILE Future Sale AL ST 207426 A Front end $0  
2009 MERCEDES-BENZ SLK300 27764275 2009 MERCEDES-BENZ SLK300 TX - GRAND PRAIRIE Future Sale TX SV 43975 A Rear end $475  
1997 MERCURY VILLAGER 27764015 1997 MERCURY VILLAGER NJ - WINDSOR Future Sale NJ SC 301844 A All Over $0  
2014 DODGE CHARGER 25818945 2014 DODGE CHARGER TN - MEMPHIS Future Sale TN SC 14148 A Front end $0  
2006 LEXUS RX 400 HYB 25822625 2006 LEXUS RX 400 HYB TX - HOUSTON Future Sale TX FV 0 N Water/Flood $0  
2008 MINI COOPER 25823235 2008 MINI COOPER TX - GRAND PRAIRIE Future Sale TX FV 131683 A Water/Flood $0  
2009 HONDA ACCORD EX- 25826655 2009 HONDA ACCORD EX- SC - GASTON Future Sale SC ST 92176 A Side $0  
2014 KIA OPTIMA SX 25827635 2014 KIA OPTIMA SX IN - HAMMOND Future Sale IN ST 29699 A Side $0  
2010 HONDA PILOT EXL 25828845 2010 HONDA PILOT EXL TX - HOUSTON Future Sale TX FV 91197 A Water/Flood $0  
2005 CHEVROLET AVEO LT 25829395 2005 CHEVROLET AVEO LT IN - INDIANAPOLIS Future Sale IN ST 112066 E Front end $0  
2011 FORD FUSION SPO 25830125 2011 FORD FUSION SPO SC - GASTON Future Sale SC ST 36290 A Front end $0  
2007 CHEVROLET COBALT LS 25830415 2007 CHEVROLET COBALT LS IL - ELGIN Future Sale IL SC 0 N Front end $0  
2009 DODGE RAM 1500 Q 25830525 2009 DODGE RAM 1500 Q KY - LAWRENCEBURG Future Sale KY ST 105769 A Front end $0  
2008 CHEVROLET IMPALA LS 25833595 2008 CHEVROLET IMPALA LS GA - TIFTON Future Sale GA ST 146191 A Front end $0  
2013 TOYOTA COROLLA/S/ 25837565 2013 TOYOTA COROLLA/S/ TX - AMARILLO Future Sale TX SV 23328 A Front end $0  
2001 FORD ESCAPE XLT 25840605 2001 FORD ESCAPE XLT MD - WALDORF Future Sale VA CT 109165 A $0  
2010 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 25845905 2010 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 AL - TANNER Future Sale AL ST 171799 A Front end $0  
2012 CADILLAC CTS PREMIU 25846945 2012 CADILLAC CTS PREMIU SC - GASTON Future Sale SC ST 0 N Front end $0