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Browse from hundreds of recreational vehicles for sale. We list the latest salvage auctions from Copart, so if you’re looking for a great deal on a trailer or RV, you’ll find it in this Quick Search category. Whether you’re looking for a vehicle for parts, or a new salvage recreational vehicle to ride in, provides you with a huge selection of vehicles to choose from. Each listing features up-to-date information that has been provided by Copart as a courtesy. We have also partnered with instaVIN to provide helpful vehicle history reports on all recreational vehicles for sale. However, we strongly encourage you to have a vehicle inspected before you make a purchase. For your convenience, we’ve provided a list of professional inspection agencies on our Inspections page that you can setup an appointment with, or you can choose to inspect the salvage recreational vehicles yourself at the local Copart facility.

Salvage Recreational Vehicles

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Image Lot Year Make Model Location Sale Date Title Odometer Primary Dmg Bid  
1998 TOYOTA RAV4 30208474 1998 TOYOTA RAV4 AL - EIGHT MILE Future Sale MS ST 98279 E Rear end $500  
2002 MAZDA PROTEGE DX 30201414 2002 MAZDA PROTEGE DX CO - BRIGHTON Future Sale CO ST 126356 E Rear end $0  
1996 DODGE DAKOTA 30201244 1996 DODGE DAKOTA TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 163577 A Rear end $0  
2006 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR 30191754 2006 TOYOTA 4RUNNER SR TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 96373 A Side $0  
2004 FORD EXPLORER X 30188444 2004 FORD EXPLORER X KY - LOUISVILLE Future Sale KY ST 149642 A Rear end $0  
2007 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLHR 30164564 2007 HARLEY-DAVIDSON FLHR MA - NORTH BILLERICA Future Sale NH ST 59472 A Front end $0  
2000 FORD EXPLORER X 30116104 2000 FORD EXPLORER X TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 84407 A Front end $0  
2008 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 30105104 2008 NISSAN ALTIMA 2.5 CA - SACRAMENTO Future Sale CA CT 0 N Front end $0  
2005 CHEVROLET IMPALA 30086004 2005 CHEVROLET IMPALA TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 0 N Front end $0  
1997 FORD CROWN VICT 30079344 1997 FORD CROWN VICT FL - RIVERVIEW Future Sale FL CD 131539 A Side $0  
2006 TOYOTA COROLLA CE 30077684 2006 TOYOTA COROLLA CE FL - RIVERVIEW Future Sale PA SC 96035 A Front end $0  
2014 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA SE 30073004 2014 VOLKSWAGEN JETTA SE KY - LAWRENCEBURG Future Sale KY BS 0 N Front end $0  
1997 LEXUS ES 300 30071004 1997 LEXUS ES 300 FL - RIVERVIEW Future Sale FL RB 259588 E Front end $0  
2001 TOYOTA COROLLA CE 30063164 2001 TOYOTA COROLLA CE FL - MIAMI Future Sale FL RB 116375 A Rear end $0  
1998 AUDI A4 2.8 AVN 30042084 1998 AUDI A4 2.8 AVN MI - WOODHAVEN Future Sale MI CT 165898 A Front end $0  
1995 TOYOTA COROLLA LE 30040204 1995 TOYOTA COROLLA LE FL - WEST PALM BEACH Future Sale FL RB 71812 A Front end $0  
2008 TOYOTA COROLLA CE 30039224 2008 TOYOTA COROLLA CE FL - MIAMI Future Sale FL RB 62822 A Front end $0  
2006 TOYOTA CAMRY LE/X 30020644 2006 TOYOTA CAMRY LE/X TX - AMARILLO Future Sale NM ST 186441 A Front end $0  
2012 HONDA CR-V EX-L 30018914 2012 HONDA CR-V EX-L FL - RIVERVIEW Future Sale FL CD 31175 A Side $0  
2003 FORD F150 30010174 2003 FORD F150 TN - LEBANON Future Sale TN SC 86715 A Front end $0